“It’s a killer course. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to seriously study music.”


“You can look forward to developing your hands, your ears and your mind. An unstoppable combination when it comes to music.”

STEVE MARSTON (Emmy Award and ASCAP Award winning Composer)

“In most academic circles, musical composition is carved up into a number of different competing theories and practices. When I met Spud, I was absolutely amazed at his ability to unify all these various “techniques” into a single unified system.”


“A work of this nature can only serve to aid aspiring jazz pianists to achieve more harmonies and creative avenues.”

CRAIG SHARMAT (Award Winning Composer and Guitarist)

“EIS® is probably the only system that seamlessly incorporates jazz, classical and scoring into one succinct course. It lays out advanced harmony in a way that is logical and musical.”


“Lyle Murphy, a great teacher and educator.”

DELL HAKE (Orchestrator, The Simpsons)

“Spud is a music composition detective. He has discovered new ways to create core ideas that enable students to develop their own music composition language.”


“After only his 3rd lesson, a student became agitated. When I asked him why he was so angry, he said it was because music study has been made way too complicated in academic institutions, and the EIS system was the way music should be taught in schools! Another student told me he thought “Spud” should receive the Pulitzer Prize.”

STEVE BILLMAN (Grammy winning bassist, Tia Carrere, Frank Gambale, Continuum)

“The course takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but you get twice as much out of it as what you put into it.”

MARY EKLER (Rita Coolidge, Helen Reddy, Wilson Phillips, American Idol)

“If you are a writer of words, you are limited if your vocabulary is weak and if you only know a few ways of combining those words. EIS gives you a huge musical vocabulary: so huge, in fact, that you may be overwhelmed by endless possibilities.”

JOE SETTLEMIRES (Grammy nominated guitarist, Bob Wills, Willie Nelson, Vince Gill)

“EIS®, has increased my ability to hear, arrange and to improvise all kinds of music.”


“Any pianist hoping to cope with today and tomorrow’s changing musical menu had better prepare himself by obtaining this final word in ‘pianistical’ completeness.”


“I originally took Spud’s course in the early 60’s. His course is adaptable to any kind of music. Studying with Spud Murphy was one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

BENNIE GREEN (Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers)

“Students needn’t feel the slightest degree of intimidation. This work can only serve to facilitate and inspire journeys to new and uncharted musical terrain.”


“Spud’s ideas shine like a brilliant spotlight on music of all kinds: classical, jazz, and pop. Far from posing a threat to traditional theory, Spud’s concepts expand and illuminate centuries-old musical doctrines.”

LARRY G. GOLDMAN (Film and Television Composer)

“This new view of how musical entities could be combined, developed and thought about in a multi-directional and multi-tonal approach was a revelation to my musical sensitivities. Indeed, the most wonderful part was the straight-forward approach of its most important components. It’s sheer elegance!”


“Spud not only set me free, he set me on fire!”


“Spud’s course is the best!”

TOM ZINK (Brian Bromberg, Melvin Davis, Chaka Khan)

“I first came to Spud with the idea of learning some simple techniques for arranging and orchestrating. Five years later, I found that every aspect of my perception of music had transformed.”