Q: How can I sign up for lessons?

Inquire for Lessons:  HERE

Q: What will I study?

The course material is comprised of the individual lessons Lyle “Spud” Murphy created to teach his Equal Interval System ®. It was refined over his lifetime and continues to be expanded. The format is PDF with audio examples.

Q: I’m really smart and people love me. Do I need a teacher?

To study this course, yes! The goal of our teachers and Spud Core is to continue Lyle Murphy’s high standards and student success. Graduates agree that this course has a remarkable amount of knowledge and continued review of the material often results in more revelations. An EIS® teacher not only teaches you the course but also valuable insight from their successes and failures as a professional.  Inquire for Lessons:  HERE

Q: OK a teacher sounds like a great idea! What will a lesson be like?

The lesson is one on one. The student presents their homework for review. After corrections and/or compliments on a “job well done”, the teacher and student go through the material for the next lesson.

Q: Where do the lessons take place and how often?

Lessons can be in person if a teacher is in your vicinity. However, our students and teachers live all over the world. So, the teachers are available on internet communication platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Go To Meeting, iChat, etc. The optimal lesson schedule is one hour every week. Lessons twice a month is a minimal amount. Fewer lessons than that, we find require too much review and unsatisfactory forward momentum since every lesson builds upon the last.

Q: What will the experience of studying the course be like?

It can be fun. It can be amazing. Some might even say life changing. But as with many things in life, that is up to the student. We can only offer that the course has helped and been a profound experience for all of us and we want it to be the same for you.

Q: Alright, this EIS® course seems pretty neat but how long will it take to complete?

The course has many parts to it. One can stop and restart right where they left off. On average, students complete the course in a few years.

Q: Will I be able to write anything useful while I’m a student?

In only six months you will be amazed at the scope and change of your own compositional abilities. For example, Craig Sharmat used the very first lesson’s homework for a music cue on a successful TV show. The course is designed and streamlined to teach a working professional, accomplished hobbyist, eternal student, or a student proficient in basic music theory.

Q: Who is this Lyle “Spud” Murphy I keep hearing about pictures of?

See Spud’s Bio on this web site for his story:   HERE

Q: Is the study of this course valuable?

One will find through proper study, the EIS® course can provide a lifetime of fertile ideas, streamlined abilities, and refinement of your individual style…along with new possibilities. So, what is that worth? Spud developed this course over his entire lifetime, teaching and modifying it over 75 years. This course is not an experimental idea. It’s success has been proven by students applying what they’ve learned to hit records, television and motion picture scores, concert performances, and other musical endeavors. Those who learn the course attribute their professional and/or artistic success to his course.