Lyle Murphy's Horizontal Composition, the Equal Interval System: An Assessment by Michael Mitacek The following is a description of Mr. Lyle Murphy's music composition method, "Horizontal Composition, the Equal Interval System," or EIS, in historical context. We will see evidences of the accidental, the serendipitous and the transcendent as we follow and observe Mr. Murphy's historical journey.Initially, it should be noted that Mr. Murphy's method may have


The following is an article by Danny Pelfrey from the Winter 2004 issue of "The Score" magazine, published by the Society of Composers and Lyricists: A Composer's Inheritance:My teacher and friend, Lyle "Spud" Murphyby Danny PelfreyIn a career which has spanned over six decades in the music business, Lyle "Spud" Murphy has influenced generations of composers and arrangers. Playing and arranging for some of the most


A Moment with Spud

Over the eight years I studied with Spud, there were countless wonderful moments both Musical and otherwise. Here is one: One day during a regular lesson, Spud pulled out a book of piano reduction music notation of the cues from a film Spud scored in 1965. He opened the book randomly, set it on his upright piano stand and began to play one of the

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